Saturday, October 22, 2011

FIFA Reformation: Soccer's Arab Spring?

Cynics quick to dismiss Sepp Blatter's initiation of four task forces aimed at bringing integrity and transparency to governance of the global game have history on their side.  But there's reason for optimism that positive change is indeed on its way.

Writers like Andrew Jennings and Bill Archer have been relentless of late, signs of a paradigm shift in sport coverage. The major media are all too often complicit with corruption, or too scared to shed light lest access be denied. But alternative media has allowed space for the kind of critical examination of sport governance that’s made so many of us aware of what’s happening.

It’s not like things are more crooked than ever. Far from. It’s that the crooks are getting old and the young may not have the same “opportunities” given ethical scrutiny.

The Beautiful Game is enjoying an Arab Spring of its own. You won’t find Blatter or Warner hiding in a hole. They’ll just resign and fade away.

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