Monday, July 11, 2011


Perhaps no other loss hurts me more than those at home v DC.  Tensions with someone close who is somewhat of a DC fan reaching a fever pitch through the week (his support of that club has since 1996 been a chasm between us, one he may never have understood), this match took on epic emotional proportions for me.  They couldn't beat us this time.  We altered family plans over our anniversary weekend to watch the Bulls stomp the Scum. DC couldn't win.  They just couldn't.  But they did, with DeRo barely out of his Bulls and barely into his Scum shirt, the way the ball hit the post and bounced in, just below me in the NorthBank, was gutting.  0-1 this year.  0-0 the last.  And the last match against them at the Swamp?  Wish I could forget that pain - I've repressed the scoreline but not the sense of despair over that loss. 

We may go on to win the MLS Cup this year.  We should.  We have the best player and the best team in the league.  But this Saturday's loss will linger.  "The wounds of Spirit heal and leave no scars behind."  I guess Hegel never kicked a ball.

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